New name and logo as we set sail as Refresco Gerber

Following the merger of Gerber with Refresco in November, the two businesses are now going to be rebranded as one, changing the name of the UK Business Unit to Refresco Gerber UK Limited.

Gerber has historically been focused on juice and juice drinks and the Management Team are now keen to move into the larger soft drinks market as the Refresco name is synonymous with
soft drinks through the markets that it operates in. This positive change of emphasis will be significantfor the UK Business Unit as it looks to grow volumes and profits over the coming years, by leveraging increased buying power, creating business synergies and sharing operational ‘best practise’ across the group.

At the time of this announcement, a new logo was created to celebrate the synergy created by these two industry leaders coming together. Communications have gone out to share news of the change of emphasis and new opportunities opening up for our customers, whilst introducing the new name with customers and suppliers. However, this has not yet been reflected in
signage, stationery and IT.

This is all about to change: for the last two months Alan Armstead, Head of Logistics Operations, has been co-ordinating a full rebranding of the UK business specifically the Bridgwater site, with input from Minna Lyijynen, Communications Manager, at Refresco Gerber in Rotterdam. In due course all signs and stationery incorporating the Gerber name or logo will gradually be replaced with new signs showing the new Refresco Gerber name or logo. At the same time, updated key pieces of stationery will be rolling off the presses and delivered to all relevant locations.

Also changing will be email addresses from to but to ensure continuity of communication the old addresses will continue to work for the foreseeable.

Commenting on the change Alan said “It’s been a tricky project, bringing it all together for the 31st March. I’d like to thank all the teams for their input and help. It’s a far reaching change from every pallet label the factory produces to the invoices we send to all our customers.”

Story by: Mark Gravatt

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