Juice and Soft Drinks Manufacturing

We’ve invested heavily in creating a production facility that meets the wide-ranging and always changing needs of our customers.

Currently, our factory facilities are some of the largest and most modern in Europe, with over 30 lines capable of producing juice and soft drinks, chilled and ambient, as well as packing cartons and bottles in a wide variety of sizes.

We continue to invest in ensuring our capabilities offer the ultimate variety and flexibility, to stay abreast of demand and market trends, through robust continuous improvement processes. For example, we’ve already made sure that we remain at the forefront of aseptic filling technology.

As well as ensuring we can meet any demand in terms of volume, we’ve also made sure that our facilities offer the widest range of formats and small batch flexibility in the industry, complemented by a wide range of packaging and pallet, multi-packing and promotional re-packaging options.

Our juice plants are also Europe’s most sustainable, as we strive to use less to make more of your brand, and continuous improvement will ensure we adopt innovative environmental practices as they come online.

Manufacturing Services

  • Procurement support
  • Supplier management
  • Processing, filling and packing
  • Planning and stock management
  • Expert engineering support
Arial view of Bridgwater site