Innovation & New Product Development

Ideas are the lifeblood of our industry and bring mutual benefits for us and our customers.

In a fast-paced, constantly changing marketplace, our packaging and process developments have been designed to foster innovation and so we lead the way in finding new product development opportunities that drive food innovation and business growth.

From procurement of raw materials and packaging materials through established supplier relationships around the world, to guiding you in-store with deep market knowledge and unrivalled category management insight, we have the expertise inhouse and will work closely with you to use it to your best advantage.

Our unique expertise in new product development includes:

  • A dedicated team of juice and beverage technologists
  • Expert knowledge of juices and other raw material flavours to create fine blends of high quality juices and drinks
  • Continuous assessment of existing fruit sources to provide consistent quality
  • Global exploration for new growers and fruits to create exciting and exotic new products
  • Pilot plant process equipment for rigorous assessment before launch