New Facilities. A Fresh Future.

In 2003, we had outgrown our old, disjointed facilities and were also acutely aware of the need to reduce our environmental impact.

We saw both of these issues as opportunities and created a vision of our company’s future, realised through an ambitious 5 year programme of investment in a purpose-built, sustainable facility at Express Park, Bridgwater.

One of the main design priorities for our state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution centre is its environmental credentials, with a particular focus on minimising waste, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

This investment of over £100m (in the most highly automated and sustainable juice factory/warehouse complex in the country) has enabled GJCL to become not only the “lowest cost producer” in the juice market but also to have the lowest carbon footprint per litre of juice produced.

Minimising Waste. Maximising Resources.

Our new plant has achieved remarkable savings across the business, saving money and helping to save the planet!

Reduced Utility Wastage

From a benchmark year of 2003 through to 2009, we’ve noted the following reductions per production of 1 litre of product:

  • 78% reduction in waste effluent litres produced
  • 51% reduction in electricity consumed
  • 40% reduction in water usage

New, high speed, efficient machinery and optimal production layouts have also increased labour productivity by 41%.

Waste Reduction

From a benchmark year of 2003 through to 2009, we’ve achieved:

  • 30% reduction in machine waste created was achieved
  • Zero finished goods and machine waste to landfill by 2009
  • Anerobic digester implemented in 2009

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